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Detention Center (Jail) Division
Under Section 24-5-10 of the Code of Laws, S.C. as amended for 1976, the Edgefield County Detention Center is authorized to operate as a department under the authority of the County Sheriff. The primary objectives of the Detention Center in order of precedence are:
1.  To protect the public by securely detaining those persons whom the courts have identified as presenting a danger to the community and thus ordered confined.
2.  To provide decent and humane care, including wholesome diets, medical attention, and personal safety to those persons legally confined.
3.  To provide constructive activities and special services to those who are legally confined to help them understand and overcome their social deficiencies and to prevent mental, emotional, and physical deterioration while in the Detention Center.
Commitment to the institution should not restrict a person's legal rights, except to the extent to protect the community.  An inmate should retain as many of his/her constitutional rights as possible while confined at the Detention Center.  However, the Administrator of the Detention Center has the authority and right to establish rules and regulations necessary for the secure and orderly operation of the institution.  Inmates of the Detention Center wil;l be treated with dignity and respect at all times.  While the inmates thenselves may be abusive, no member of the Detention Center staff will act in a manner that can be interpreted as mistreatment or degrading to the individual.
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