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E911 Dispatch
The E911 Dispatch Communication Center is the the brain center of all emergency services in Edgefield County, including the municipalities of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. Dispatchers are responsible for directing law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments to the locations of incidents requiring such services.
All incoming and outgoing telephone calls and radio traffic are recorded and saved for future documentation.
Suggestions when calling 911 are as follows:
* Always try to stay calm when calling for help.
* Give the dispatcher your name, address, and number that you are calling from.
* The dispatcher will ask you questions that you feel are not important, but they are; Give them all information that they ask for.
* Tell the dispatcher exactly what is happening and the names of the people involved, as well as a description of their clothing, height, weight, age, race, sex, and anything else you feel is necessary.
*If possible, try to stay on the phone until law enforement, EMS, or fire arrives.
In cases of medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, respiratory distress, etc., dispatchers are trained to talk you through CPR or other measures until EMS arrives. (To do this, it is very important for you to STAY ON THE PHONE)
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